How do I care for my rugs?


Use a light vacuum for regular cleaning of dust and debris.

Dab any spills clean with cold water or a natural, mild detergent if needed.

Hang over a balcony or line for an old school beat out of dust and general airing.

For major accidents or if you want your entire rug cleaned, have them professionally cleaned by a company who uses natural products.

Rotate your rugs to distribute wear

You can wash your rug yourself outside with a soft brush, mild detergent, flat surface and dry in indirect sun.


Do not rub out stains

Never use carpet cleaner sprays, and avoid natural cleaning agents like vinegar and baking soda which can cause colour change.

Avoid heavy-duty, industrial vacuums as these can damage the fibers of the rug and rob it of its natural gloss. We like to vacuum the underside occasionally as well.

Condition of Vintage Rugs?

Most of our rugs are 50+ years old and have seen some foot traffic in their time. They may have signs of wear which is to be expected. These rugs are wool on cotton or wool on wool and extremely hardwearing. They are suitable to be used and loved. We don't sell rugs with holes, but signs of wear, natural colour change and evidence of previous professional repair may be found.


We can ship in the UAE using a local courier and we offer shipping to Australia via an international courier. Delivery to other countries may be possible, just reach out to us.